About the AMC

The Asian Music Circuit is the leading promoter of Asian music in the UK.


The Asian Music Circuit is the leading promoter of Asian music in the UK. It has established a privileged reputation for the variety and high calibre of its tours and concerts, and the quality and innovation of its education projects.

The AMC produces seminars, recordings, films and exhibitions to generate a greater awareness and appreciation of the excellence and beauty of Asian music, and to develop a new generation of talented musicians. The AMC’s Museum of Asian Music in London is a resource centre housing musical instruments, interactive touchscreens, and a vast audio-visual archive.

By providing access to the full range of Asian music, the AMC is one of the most important organisations of its kind in Europe. Created in 1989 by the Arts Council of Great Britain, it has been run as an independent company and registered charity funded by Arts Council England since 1991.



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Mission statement

The AMC has set national benchmarks for excellence and high standards in Asian music promotion since 1991. It now aspires to connect the future with the past by presenting the great music traditions of Asia, which are increasingly rare and often fragile. Artists chosen by the AMC retain the integrity and spiritual heritage of these traditions and are treated with the dignity, respect and sense of equality they fully deserve.

To make the music of Asia accessible to all sectors of society, the AMC promotes an innovative UK-wide touring and education programme that includes exhibitions, and a unique multimedia resource centre driven by a digital and interactive audio-visual database and archive aimed especially at the young.



The AMC works both with artists from across Asia – especially South Asia – and also with UK-based musicians. Our concerts take place in venues throughout the UK. View past events >

Over the years, our projects have involved folk music, such as that of the Manganiyars and Langas from Rajasthan; devotional and mystic music, such as the great qawwali singers, the Sabri brothers of Pakistan and the Nizami brothers from India; Indian film and popular music, including the legendary Asha Bhosle and Jagjit Singh; contemporary music, including Shakti with John Mclaughlin and Zakir Hussain; Sainkho Namchylak and Yat-Kha from Tuva; Fun-Da-Mental, Sitarfunk and SomaSonic from the UK; Orange Street from India; and the wonderful ‘Les Dangereuses’, a collaboration featuring Shubha Mudgal (India), Kandya Kouyate (Mali) and Juliet Roberts (UK); puppetry and gamelan from Indonesia; the Kamkars of Iran; the Baul singers of Bengal; the Naxi musicians of China; the great Indian classical traditions, with vocal and instrumental performances from sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar; the khyal singers Pts. Rajan and Sajan Mishra, santoor maestro Pt. Shivkumar Sharma and flautist Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia and the guqin player Li Xiang Ting of China.


Board of trustees

Peter A. Kerkar

A graduate in Economics and Anthropology from Stanford University, Peter started his career with American Express Bank in New York. He subsequently joined Cox & Kings in London,  restructuring the entire organisation and eventually becoming Global CEO, working at the helm of Cox & Kings Group activities across the world.

Peter is continuously sensitised to changing consumer trends, and works hard to achieve his vision of providing world-class services to the Indian traveller. He strongly believes that consumers are of paramount importance, and supports a participative style of management, empowering his colleagues are empowered.

A founder member of WTTC India, Peter is also a trustee of the Asian Music Circuit. He is married to Emma (daughter of Mark Tully, the famed ex-BBC Indophile) and has two daughters, Jessica and Nayantara. He is an ardent swimmer, a voracious reader, and loves travelling.


P. John Singh OBE

Having attended schools in India and the UK, John studied at the University of Nottingham's Teacher Training College in Loughborough, and has worked as an English teacher, Educational Advisor, International Education Consultant and educational expert reporting to the European Union's Council of Europe.

John was Assistant Director of OFSTED between 1983 and 1995 and was subsequently appointed Chief Educational Consultant to the British Council. In addition to being a trustee of the Asian Music Circuit, he has sat on the Governing Councils of the Institute of Education and the School Teachers' Review Body.

John has been involved in a huge variety of projects, ranging from interculturalism within the Greek Education Service and the University of Athens' evaluation of the EU's Greek Schools Project to Bedfordshire Community Transport Service in the UK. He is a member of the National Literacy Trust.