Double Bill: Shammi Pithia & Hari Sivanesan

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
19:45 (NB new start time)
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£10. Concessions 50% off (limited availability)


Shammi Pithia bansuri, piano, synthesiser, cajon
Hari Sivanesan veena

Also performing with Shammi Pithia:

Michael Goodey piano, guitar, synthesiser, sitar
Ian Newton-Grant drums, percussion
Suroj Sureshbabu guitars
Salima Barday double bass
Preetha Narayanan violin
Alice Barron violin
Natasha Zielazinski cello
Damien Langkamer electric bass
Ash King vocals
Unnati Dasgupta vocals

Performing with Hari Sivanesan:

Omar Puente cuban violin
Pirashanna Thevarajah South Indian percussion
Aarati Vrndavn dance
Oscar Martiniez Cuban percussion


An evening of traditional and contemporary Indian and Sri Lankan music from young British Asians.

Shammi Pithia
Shammi Pithia has developed an exciting, beautiful and refreshing live show featuring his band Flux. Inspired by London, the city in which he lives and works, Shammi's music also has a natural grounding in the artistic philosophy of India.

Hari Sivanesan
The brilliant young veena player Hari Vrndavn Sivanesan was born in London to parents from Sri Lanka. He is the current BBC Radio World Routes Academy mentee.

Hari will be presenting Maa, a new work commissioned especially for this concert. 'Maa encapsulates the message of the mother's love through melody. It is a journey of lullabies from various cultures around the world. This unique collaboration between the veena and other classical stringed instruments proves that the underlying thread from these different cultures is that their mother tongue is simply music'.

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0844 875 0073
Music Genre: 
Fusion music