TAWA'IF an exhibition about the life and art of the courtesans

Friday, September 4, 2015 - Sunday, September 6, 2015
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TAWA’IF  - an exhibition about the life and art of the courtesans with presentations given by expert speakers to be held at Royal Geographical Society from the 4th Sept till 6th Sept 2015.

Against the background of the historical development of the tawa’if tradition from the Mughal period to the 21st century the exhibition displays storyboards about the lives of  some of the women artists with their photographs and also their early recordings  can be heard,  another story is that of the English Gramophone and Typewriter Company (late to become HMV)  which made the first recordings of Indian music; the last story will be that of the art that  was practised by the courtesans; the art of singing thumri – ghazal – the art of kathak and especially  “bhav”  or  mime and expression. There will be short films on the subject.

A series of talks will be held by leading academics Anna Morcom and Richard Wiliams on Sat 5th Sept in the Education room on:

-the period from the Mughals to the late 19th century.

-the period from the mid 19th century into the 21st century

TIME: Friday 4th - 12pm to 5pm

          Saturday 5th - 10pm to 5pm (talks 2pm to 4pm)

          Sunday 6th - 10pm to 5pm 


subject to change without notice 


For further information call 020 899 6112 or contact sadhu@amc.org.uk and matthew@amc.org.uk