Museum of Asian Music

The Asian Music Circuit's Museum of Asian Music in London is both an innovative learning resource and a lively venue, with a busy calendar of recitals, education events and exhibitions.

Opened officially by the Prince of Wales in 2008, the Museum of Asian Music offers an interactive way to discover the diversity of Asian music in a hands-on environment. Permanent exhibits of musical instruments from across the continent are accompanied by touch-screen displays featuring music extracts and video clips, and there's an ongoing programme of temporary exhibitions, as well as digital access to the Asian Music Circuit's extensive archive of audio-visual recordings.

Supported by an Arts Capital lottery award from Arts Council England, the Museum of Asian Music has become a key venue for our community and education work and is the first of its kind in the country. Visits from individuals, groups and schools are welcome.


What do our visitors have to say?

'Truly brilliant' - Greg Dyke, former Director-General of the BBC

'I wholeheartedly agree with the AMC's view that music is one of the deepest expressions of people's understanding of our world. Spanning many countries and genres, Asian music is wide-ranging as well as beautifully poetic and evocative. The centre is unique in the breadth of its collection, but it is also important because of its commitment to music education for young people, something that is dear to my heart.' - Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

'Very welcoming staff. Every care shown with children" - Year 5 teacher

'Thank you for inviting us and I like the musicians, they were great. The Asian music centre was really cool.' - Year 4 pupil

'I must say that the music centre was an eye-opener - excellent displays, state of the art technology and an obvious and genuine understanding of Asian music. It is a resource that Ealing can be proud of' - Councillor Barbara Yerelomou , former Mayor of the London Borough of Ealing.

'The children really enjoyed using the musical instruments. Workshops were very engaging and well organised. We had a wonderful time this morning.' - teacher, West Acton Primary School

'Thank you for having us and I loved all the performances. I learned all about Tibet. The dancers were amazing. You are the best!' - Year 5 pupil


Audio-visual archive

For the past twenty years, the Asian Music Circuit has been gathering and cataloguing audio-visual material including video clips, sound recordings, music and films from across Asia. Today, our archive includes whole concerts, rehearsals, summer schools, seminars, lectures, instrument making sessions, instrument introductions, and lecture demonstrations.

These now form one of the most comprehensive and steadily-growing modern Asian music and dance digital archives in the world.

Containing around 2,500 hours of digital audio and video files, the archive is accessible from our Museum of Asian Music in London via dedicated terminals. We welcome visits from academics, researchers, students and the general public.